30 Ağustos 2016, iyi ki doğdun Ömer

chelsea otel




Chelsea Hotel, New York, 1999, foto:VK

karşıdaki binanın bir dairesinde bazı geceler hayaletlerin gezindiği Amerikan Komünist Partisi…

ve bir başka katta, YMCA!


saganak altinda

“Parçalanmanın Kimyası/Sağ el sol el desenler,” sergisi

detail from “Kozmos”, 2002/ “O Parca Bu Parca”dan detay, 2002

detay:o parca bu parcaGaleri Artist kitabından.

detay (torture/iskence 2002)



“Although of tactile means, I find a curious resemblance structuraly between Uluç’s sculpture and some of Bruce Nauman’s work, the latter’s having a different cultural code that, nonetheless, connects on some universal level. I refer specially to Uluç’s most recent sculptural assemblages, entitled ‘Torture’ and ‘Bits and Pieces-Cosmos’ both from 2002. As with Nauman’s ‘cast head pieces’. I trust Uluç’s sense of intuition, the indirectness that gives a clear indication of human atrocity. “As one’s eyes adjust this indelible fragmentation, their parts in relation to the whole, a postmodern allegory begins to entice the viewer. One may enter into a delirium..””…of being haunted by memories, lost in conflation of language at any earlier moment in our existence.” Robert. C. Morgantorture3